make• waves /ˈmāk-wāvs/ v. :
1. to shock or upset people with something new or different; to upset the status quo.
2. to cause a disturbance or trouble.
3. to rock your world.

Make Waves is the latest sensation in the oh-so scene zine industry. Mostly orientated towards music, particularly all types of alternative rock, MakeWaves also focuses on the many aspects of the typical yet completely freakish teenage life in the 2000s. We have no boundaries, yet we are not trashy. We respect all walks of life, all genres of music and all artistic vibes. Yet, on the same token, if one were to get on the bad side of MakeWaves, they will not be spared. So when it comes to respect, we expect the same from others.
MakeWaves is really not much like any of the zines or photo sites you’ve ever seen before. We’re doing this for many reasons, most of them selfish. We want something that will one day get us to meet the people we idolize, something that will give us a name and some fame. Above all, Make Waves is all about exactly that—making waves. We’re celebrating those who aren’t afraid to be different. And different meaning different from even the different crowd. You know… not just skinny jeans; choppy hair cut at an expensive salon; 20-somethings dressing up as teenagers in bands with oh-so witty relationship songs; Converse; conversing on AIM with words like ‘rawr!’ and ‘zomg!’; and, of course, the gallons of eye makeup. We’re here to criticize you, praise you, berate you, anger you, excite you, encourage you, downsize you, inspire you. MakeWaves is a new revolution. Get into it.

-Syjil & Alex.