Featured Short Film: The Fastings of the Furious

It’s Ramadan, my friends… The Islamic month in which millions of Muslims fast and attempt to gain spirituality from dawn until dusk. If you or any of your loved/mildly liked ones have ever had to fast, check out this newly released short film on the topic! It’s got laughs, cute music, and horror!

The Fastings of the Furious from Zakkir Ganesh on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: yes, that’s me. It’s still great! I promise.

Spotlight: The Stewart Dolly

The Stewart Dolly, a self-described “Alternative PowerSlop” band, comes out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, home of Rutgers University, grease trucks, and banned frat parties. With references to Star Wars and the klaüsterfökken that is Route 18, The Stewart Dolly sings of everything suburbia — boredom, infatuation, and everything in between.

Give them a listen at the stream below or live at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick this Friday, June 26th at 10pm.