OCD: Moosh & Twist at Santo’s Party House

On the 15th, I had the opportunity to see OCD: Moosh & Twist perform at Santo’s Party House along with some of the Big Picture Media team here in NYC. I’ve known OCD for a couple of years now, and I’ve seen them 2.5 times previous to this show. The .5 comes from when I went down to Philly to see their hometown show about two years ago, and 2 songs in, someone pulled the fire alarm and the show was evacuated and then cancelled. Let me just say that this show went down much more smoothly than that. […]

Gold: Metro Station’s Comeback

Trace Cyrus is back, and Metro Station is ready to dance.

Reunited and recently releasing a new EP, Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are bringing back the dance party beats and youth theme songs they’ve been rocking since 2007. Quite notably, other members have left and the once alternative band is now a simple duo. Fans didn’t believe it would happen, but the two are quite happy to work together—it seems that creative differences have been put aside and the two have come together to collaborate on something new. […]