Gold: Metro Station’s Comeback

Trace Cyrus is back, and Metro Station is ready to dance.

Reunited and recently releasing a new EP, Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are bringing back the dance party beats and youth theme songs they’ve been rocking since 2007. Quite notably, other members have left and the once alternative band is now a simple duo. Fans didn’t believe it would happen, but the two are quite happy to work together—it seems that creative differences have been put aside and the two have come together to collaborate on something new.

Gold has only four songs, but it stands quite strong, especially after a few listens. Of the four tracks, three make me want to wiggle around in what I pathetically call dancing, and all speak of youth, love, and ambition. The pop is there and the rock is there, but Metro Station is still more than a pop rock band. With a bit of an electronic touch and liberal use of chorus singers, this EP is seriously feel-good and shows promise for the band’s reunion.

I have to admit, I’m completely thrown back into my high school days when I was rocking it to the first album and dancing along with the band live on my 15th birthday at the Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour in 2008. Metro Station is bringing something new and definitely a bit more mature, but their voice is back to being the same.

“Love & War” was released as a single this past August, complete with a music video. The EP also features a song, “Forever Young” with The Ready Set. The two bands are set to go on tour with The Downtown Fiction and Against The Current, with their first of 23 shows to be on October 21st. And have no fear, Trace and Mason have said they are working to put out a full-length album next year. This EP seems to indicate it’ll be a good one.

Make sure you listen to: “She Likes Girls”

–Syjil Ashraf